Why do I need Solar Panels?

  Many people have asked the question “Why do I need Solar Panels”? This is a good question that has many facets to it.  You may have heard of solar panels and maybe even heard of some of the benefits.  But there are multiple parts to the question, and I intend to cover at least […]

Project ARA: The Modular Smartphone

  The topic for today is both familiar and unfamiliar.  You may be familiar with the fact that a desktop computer or a automobile have parts that are swappable.  Whereas  your mobile phone is a single unit with no swappable components. There are always trade-offs when breaking  a device up into its components.  But Project […]

Voice Control

The next revolution in technology is moving away from the long accepted techniques.  For nearly 40 years, we’ve been using a typewriter (keyboard) and more recently a corded dongle (mouse) to control computers, but lately that is changing.  The change is toward hands-free control, otherwise known as Voice control. Voice control is beginning to show […]