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The Hamburger Button

The Hamburger Button What a strange phrase, does the Hamburger Button provide an easy way to get Lunch, or is it a yet another bizarre internet reference term?  Actually, it is neither.  The button is simply three horizontal lines stacked vertically, which may vaguely resemble a hamburger. But why mention the Hamburger Button. if not […]

Voice Control

The next revolution in technology is moving away from the long accepted techniques.  For nearly 40 years, we’ve been using a typewriter (keyboard) and more recently a corded dongle (mouse) to control computers, but lately that is changing.  The change is toward hands-free control, otherwise known as Voice control. Voice control is beginning to show […]

The Slang of Computer Use (Part 1): The Internet Browser

Computer Use Slang When speaking with one of my readers today, I came upon a revelation.  In my years helping people with computer issues, I’ve seen many of them write down the methods, often asking me to slow down or go back to prior steps.  Sometimes I will just do the work myself to make the work go […]