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The Hamburger Button

The Hamburger Button What a strange phrase, does the Hamburger Button provide an easy way to get Lunch, or is it a yet another bizarre internet reference term?  Actually, it is neither.  The button is simply three horizontal lines stacked vertically, which may vaguely resemble a hamburger. But why mention the Hamburger Button. if not […]

Cell phones and VoIP phones

    Cell Phones and VoIP Phones There’s been some interesting news surrounding cell phones and VoIP phones lately.  As the two technologies find more common ground, the distinction that so long kept them apart is fading.  In this post, I like to cover the similarities and differences of these two technologies, and how they […]

How does use of the Internet Save Time?

   Save Time via the Internet I’ve observed in my life, many times, people who do not use the internet regularly or who do not yet understand more than maybe 1% of the enormous potential of the internet.  I wish to enlighten these people to the, as yet unknown, vast ocean of possibility that is […]

What is the difference between Apple’s iMessage and Text Messaging?

  If you have an iPhone already, you may or may not know the difference between Apple’s iMessage app and Text Messaging.  They are actually different although they are combined into the same app. If you don’t have an Apple iPhone, maybe you have an Android smartphone or no smartphone this question might seem foreign. […]

Project ARA: The Modular Smartphone

  The topic for today is both familiar and unfamiliar.  You may be familiar with the fact that a desktop computer or a automobile have parts that are swappable.  Whereas  your mobile phone is a single unit with no swappable components. There are always trade-offs when breaking  a device up into its components.  But Project […]